The best way to understand VVM
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At VVM, passion and expertise meet and the energy is contagious. Startups connect with generous mentors in a fun, welcoming environment. Entrepreneurs find the missing pieces to unlock their potential. Mentors lend their knowledge and networks for rewarding, exponential impact. Everyone gives. Everyone gets. Experience it for yourself.

VVM Accelerator Awards Coverage

Valley Venture Mentors’ biggest event of the year has come and gone, and it was better than ever. We hope that you all got to come and experience the Accelerator Awards yourself! In the aftermath of such a large event, many publications from around the Pioneer Valley have been kind enough to feature us or […]

Bill & Jacob


“We love it!!”
– Bill Cole & Jacob Lindeman

Dawn & Natasha


“VVM is the best place for local entrepreneurs to socialize, learn and grow together.”
– Dawn Leaks & Natasha Clark

Pam Thornton


“VVM is empowering and the leaders here are amazing at what they do.”
– Pam Thornton

VVM Programs

Valley Venture Mentors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to achieving transformational growth for startups and changing the face of the economy in Western Massachusetts. We do that by providing expertise and funding through our Mentorship and Accelerator programs.